EcoLawn EC0250 Top Dresser Lawn Applicator

ECO250-Honda-GX-160-5.5-HP-engine-view_DSC2985 Top Dresser

Application Speed

9 cu. ft. per minute / 8 cu. yd. per hour

Application Width

4 to 18 feet

Application Thickness

up to 1/4?


All grades of sand, Calcined clay, Crumb rubber, Light soil mix, Lime, Most pelletized products, Pulverized soils, Sand, Screened compost, Screened loam, Unlimited blends of all products

Hopper Capacity

11.5 cu. ft. load

Adaptive Components

Chain-Driven Agitator Kit, Long Agitator Kit



Broadcasting Drive Mechanism

Dual Peerless gear boxes

Broadcasting Mechanism

Dual reverse spin disks


5.5 HP Honda GX 160

Engine Warranty

Honda engine international warranty

Ground Speed

Up to 5 mph

Weight Distribution Design

Four-wheel design

Empty Weight

320 lbs

Dimension (L/W/H)

78 x 34 x 40 in